• Monthly Workshop:

  Paint along with me for a full day and learn   how to construct a painting of my choice step   by step. Fun and very  informative. Please call   me at 603-465-2647 or C#603-305-0427 for   availability of space.

  2nd Wednesday of Each Month:

  9 to 4 p.m. $65

Hurry Up And Paint! Workshop:

  The purpose of this workshop is to completely   remove you from your normal comfort zone   and methods of painting.

  It is designed to force you into growth as an   artist in the following ways:

   * Thinking and approach

   * Use of color

   * Brushwork and paint application

   * Ability to make a quick statement

   * Help you to dominate your painting

   * Have more fun and satisfaction with the       painting process.

  You will work on 5 or 6 paintings during the   day with a time limit of 1/2 hour each.   Expect to do great things and maybe even   finish some paintings. I will paint 2 demo’s   as well.

  Scheduled on demand: 9 to 4 p.m. $75*

  * (Price varies if offsite venue is used by group or) organization.



Light and Atmosphere in Oils


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